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in the lead by a mile…”
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Xcelleration Detailing knows that your aircraft and luxury vehicles are an extension of you.
They deserve to look their best. We treat your aircraft and vehicles like they are our own.
Xcelleration Detailing gives the best results consistently. Our state-of-the-art facility is the finest out there. Great staff, the best equipment and high-quality products create impeccable results. Our secure facility at Dolphin Aviation gives you onsite service from luxury vehicles to Gulfstreams. We provide cost value without sacrificing the final product.
Our Reviews Speak for Themselves.

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The Xcelleration Detailing Difference…

The fact of the matter is you cannot get top quality results in a driveway or a parking lot. By doing the work at our state-of-the-art facility at Sarasota International Airport, we are able to consistently deliver quality results. Proper lighting, soft water and a clean controlled environment are essential to a top-quality job. Paint sealants and ceramics need to cure overnight in a dry environment for best results and longevity.

Don’t be fooled by mobile detailers using convenience as an excuse for not having a proper facility to do your car correctly. We use only the finest products at our facility to give you the best results. All our chemicals, soaps, and sealers are professional grade. It makes a huge difference; you can see it in the finished product. You deserve the best. We bring excellence in all we do for you. Contact us to get pricing and availability to schedule your vehicle, aircraft or collectible. Show car detailing and restoration also available.

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Aviation quality detailing for your cars, aircraft and collections.
Two generations of experience — from the 1980s to the cutting-edge technology of today — coming together for Excellence.
Our reviews speak for themselves.

All Aircraft and Vehicles on This Website Were Detailed by Xcelleration Detailing!

Services Available:

Basic Car Detail
Starting at $175

SUV or Truck
Starting at $200

Varies by Type and Condition

Ceramic Options:

Water-Based Ceramic

Water-based ceramics deliver a slick surface with a mirror gloss shine, gives great depth to the paint, and brightens the color. It creates a hydrophobic surface that protects against bugs,
UV damage, color fade, mineral rings, and general wear and tear.

Nano-Based Ceramic

Nano-based ceramics are 1.3 milliliters thick (which is x5 thicker than wax). This Nano Polymer offers a deep gloss to the paint and a thicker coat of protection. It's a sacrificial layer of clear coat that stays on throughout the year protecting you against bugs, UV damage, color fade, mineral rings, and general wear and tear.

Multi-Layered Ceramic

Multi-layered ceramic is either a Water or Nano-based ceramic, layered in multiple layers. The multi-layered ceramic delivers a deeper gloss, smoother paint, and a more brilliant shine that makes your car look like it has a freshly cleaned look every day. This ceramic is intended to last up to two years.

Xcelleration Detailing's Ceramic Process

We start with a four-stage wash process all done by hand. Next, we clay bar the vehicle from top to bottom. We do a full show-quality detail. The attention to excellence makes the out the door jambs, floors, carpet, seats, dashboard - all interior surfaces of the vehicle. We detail the engine bay, ceramic coat the rims, dress the tires, and detail the trunk.
Then, the ceramic application process begins. Using our state-of-the-art facility, we do a paint prep sterilization to completely make sure that the paint is decontaminated before we start applying the ceramic. This is all done by hand, with no machinery. Finally, we finish it with microfiber and a light buff to brighten the paint to give it maximum depth and shine.
This is a very meticulous process with precise attention to detail and results you can see!

The Before & After Xcelleration Detailing Difference

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